Figures released by the Department for Health shows the Conservative Government is planning a 4.040 cut to the public health budget in Kent. The budget pays to help improve people’s health so there is less pressure on the NHS.


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David Cameron has shown he cares less about the rights of the British people he does about placating his frothing-at-the-mouth anti-European backbenchers

In Coalition the Tories said they would abolish the Human Rights Act as quickly as possible if they had their own way.

They also threatened to walk away from the European Convention on Human Rights, with no guarantee about what would come in its place.


The only reason they could not follow through on their plans is because they were blocked time and again by the Liberal Democrats.

Now David Cameron – presiding over a wafer-thin majority and held to ransom by the swivel-eyed right wingers on his backbenches – is back on the war path.

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Welfare cuts to hit thousands of Tonbridge and Malling residents

The Conservative government have announced a range of cuts to working age benefits that will affect local residents.

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Conservative government slashes £4 million from Kent's Health service

Kent County Councillors were told yesterday that the new Conservative Government is already planning a £200 million cut in national Public Health funding which will mean a cut of £4 million in Kent's Public Health Service.

Trudy Dean, Lib Dem Group Leader at Kent County Council said:

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Stop the Conservatives from scrapping the Human Rights Act

Before the election Liberal Democrats warned that if the Conservatives won a majority they would scrap the Human Rights Act.

Now the Conservatives have set out plans to abolish the Human Rights Act in the first 100 days of this Parliament.

The Human Rights Act protects your basic human rights regardless of your gender, religion or background and ensures that everyone is treated equally and fairly.

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Updated Police and Crime Plan 2013-17

Tonbridge and Malling Resdients Elect New Liberal Democrat Councillors

Lib Dem Candidate Mary Varrall warns of BLUKIP Threat

Liberal Democrats combat Tory plans for £5.2 billion Education cuts with Five Point Plan

Conservatives will Starve Tonbridge and Malling of Cash for Services for Years to Come

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