Hustings 2019

Richard will be speaking at the Tonbridge and Malling Hustings on 4 and 5 December 

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General Election Flyer

Our latest batch of General Election flyers are back from the printers! 

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Lib Dem Manifesto 2019

Our manifesto for the 2019 Election and Plan for Britain's Future is out! 

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Our first Party Election Broadcast!

Changing things isn’t easy, but together we can. We can stop Brexit. We can build an economy that works, both for people and for our planet.

Do you know anyone who isn't registered?

You are almost certainly registered to vote - but do you know anyone who is not registered? If so, please pass this on to them.

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Like deciding to abandon the Internet

Today at the European Movement Conference in Helsinki we had an inspirational talk from Alex Stubbs, former PM of Finland and now Vice-President of the European Investment Bank. He likened our abandoning the EU to abandoning the Internet, an extraordinary act of self-harm in the contemporary world!

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From Tonbridge to Helsinki

The first winter snow is falling in Helsinki where I'm speaking at the special Assembly of the international European Movement to mark the end of Finland's year of Presidency of the movement.

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Campaign Leaflets are Coming

Our Liberal Democrat Campaign Leaflets for Tonbridge and Malling are on their way, ready for the first weekend of the formal General Election Campaign! 

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Get Involved in the General Election Campaign

Now that a General Election is upon us, a number of people in Tonbridge and Malling have been asking how to get involved? 

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Register for a Postal Vote

Turn on the TV any day in the last 6 months, and you will have witnessed the scenes of mayhem in Westminster.

The Conservative Government want a chaotic and damaging no deal Brexit. As a result, Boris Johnson has lost his majority in Parliament and the confidence of the country.

In these turbulent times, an election could be called at any time.

If we have an election soon, it will effect generations to come. It will also be very close. In Tonbridge and Malling, every vote will count.

That is why I am asking you to sign up for a postal vote today. I do not want you to miss your chance to have your say.

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