2019 rubbish collection: Plastic Collected - GARDEN WASTE CHARGED!

The Borough Council’s rubbish collection contract runs out in February 2019. This month, TMBC councillors were told the new system should include plastic collection but an optional garden waste collection will have to be paid for.

The Shape of the New Service 

Weekly collection of food waste in a new lockable kitchen caddy. Fortnightly collections from existing green bins and boxes, of plastics, metal, cartons, glass, paper, card (no longer mixed with green waste) and cans.

Fortnightly collection of all other waste in the grey bin.

A new ‘opt in’ garden waste collection in a new ‘Green Bin‘. Residents choosing to get this service will have to pay between £30 and £40 per household per year for it.

Trudy attended the meeting and said “ I think residents will be pleased with a weekly food collection, and very pleased that at long last plastics will be collected from the doorstep. However, many people will struggle with 5 recycling containers, and many people will not want or be able to pay an extra charge for green waste.”

Wherever charging has been introduced for green waste, the amount of green waste collected has fallen to around half the previous level, which is a very backward step. Tonbridge and Malling is the only Borough in Kent without its own Waste Collection tip, so residents would be forced to travel to Tovil or Cuxton to dispose of it properly. It’s more likely to end up fly tipped or in the grey bin, the contents of which are incinerated, not composted.

Cllr Trudy Dean has asked TMBC to ensure a full consultation with residents is carried out before decisions are made.

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