How much longer will we allow ourselves to be governed by a jokey journalist with a ludicrously inflated ego, who poses as a man of principle? 

Boris Johnson’s self-image as an emerging war leader in the manner of Winston Churchill in WW2 or even Henry V at Agincourt (“Once more unto the breach, dear friends…”) mirrors the self-regarding tweets of Donald Trump in a seemingly post-truth world.

Mercifully we are not at war with Europe.  Brexit is not a valiant fight, it is a retreat.

Strangely it is a retreat from a union with our closest friends, neighbours, trading partners and allies, with whom we share the deepest mutual interests of peace, prosperity, well-being, security and world influence.  

Given our unilateral notification of our intention to retreat, the Europeans have behaved, and continue to behave, in a reasonable way in protecting their remaining union.  No amount of posturing or brinkmanship is likely to change that behaviour.

Boris Johnson and his Government have become the prisoners of his ego-mania.  They are unable to call a halt to the head-long retreat. In the overriding national interest, it is the duty of MPs from every party to bring down this Government before the retreat turns into a rout.

Richard Morris
Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Tonbridge and Malling
31st July 2019  

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