Conservatives will Starve Tonbridge and Malling of Cash for Services for Years to Come

Mary Varrall, Liberal Democrat candidate for Tonbridge and Malling, has warned voters that vital public services will be starved of cash by the Conservatives even after the nations books have been balanced.  

Liberal Democrats want to plot a course to end the deficit by 2017/18 through a balanced mix of tax increases for the wealthiest, cutting tax avoidance and some spending cuts.  The Conservatives, however, have stated that they will end the deficit in the same time by putting the entire burden on slashing services. They have ruled out any tax rises for the wealthiest.

“The Conservatives want to revert to type,” said Mary Varrall. “They have made it clear that on their own in Government, they will make up the difference between spending and tax revenues by cutting services and benefits for those in need.  Even when they have ended the deficit, they plan to continue cutting.

“In Coalition, the Conservatives were stopped from going down this reckless course. The books had to be balanced and cuts were inevitable.  But with Liberal Democrats in Government, balancing the books has been done in a fairer way.

"Taxes on the wealthiest have increased, whilst income tax on people on low and middle incomes has been cut, thanks entirely to having Lib Dems in Government.  We have pursued tax avoiders and evaders. We have had to make some cuts to services but have protected health and schools.  

"The Conservatives will not win a majority on 7th May. Voters face a choice as to what shape a Coalition Government will take after the General Election. For the sake of public services and a balanced approach to the deficit and spending, we need the Liberal Democrats to hold the balance of power."

If UKIP and the Northern Ireland Democratic Unionists hold the balance instead, they could form a Coalition that would rapidly lurch to the right, putting our economic recovery and public services at risk.

“To avoid this elect a strong group of Lib Dem MPs to hold the balance of power and to anchor the next Government in the centre ground.”

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