Councillor Trudy Dean increases her allowance to aid advertising for community events

COUNTY Councillor Trudy Dean has decided to use her increased allowance to pay for advertising in Downs Mail.

Mrs Dean has been given a 15% increase in her allowance, which she opposed, and she has decided to use that money to advertise community events in her county division of East and West Malling and Larkfield.

She said: “I opposed the increase in Councillors allowances but do not want to see residents I represent disadvantaged. So I have decided to use it instead of advertising of main local community events.

“Social events like East Malling ‘Picnic in the Park’, West Malling [email protected] Festival and Larkfield Martin Square lighting up event bring people together, enrich our lives and often provide an opportunity for local voluntary groups to fundraise for their activities.

“I have chosen Downs Mail as it circulates my entire area free of charge, making sure everyone is able to get involved in supporting local community life.”

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