LOCAL PLAN : TMBC reply to 1,300 residents responses published

On Tuesday, TMBC published its response to the 1,300 replies it received from residents on the draft Local Plan which sets out development in the Borough till 2030. TMBC officers make very few proposals to change the views set out in the draft Local Plan. 

1. They will be sensitive to the need to keep Kings Hill and East Malling separate, but apparently still committed to developing Kings Hill further out into Broadwater Farm, despite having received the most objections to this proposal.  They may perhaps not propose the use of the entire site offered. 

2.  The Borough notes high support for extending the Green Belt eastwards towards East Malling to the bypass.  They also report having received the highest number of requests for an even greater extension covering more of the open farmland between East and West Malling.  These included:
219 residents supporting West Malling Parish Council's submission,
199 residents supporting the two online petitions for a further extension of the Green Belt,
and 30 residents supported the Offham Road residents' submission.

3.  Limited areas of Mr Betts farmland fronting onto Offham Road West Malling south of Fartherwell Avenue will for the first time be considered for development.

4. TMBC continue to support the development of former quarry land between Borough Green and M20. 

5.  Land at Aylesford Newsprint, land between London Road and the railway line West Malling, and land to the east of Hermitage Lane have all been ruled out, but only because ordinary planning applications have been submitted for these sites which, if granted, would mean they were not available as Local Plan sites but would count against the overall number of houses required.
It appears that the Borough Council is still opposed to housing on Aylesford Newsprint,  and this may persuade developers not to wait any longer for a TMBC decision (waited for over a year) from TMBC and go straight for an appeal hearing before a government inspector. 

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