New Housing Sites map published for Borough

Under Government legislation Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council is reviewing its Local Plan that sets out planning policies for the whole area.

It is under that plan that sites such as Peters Village, Wouldham: Kings Hill: and Leybourne Grange are being developed. It also sets out policies for employment land, recreation, countryside protection, and the extent of the Green Belt and so on.

Under Government changes Councils were required to issue a "Call for Sites" so developers could come forward to suggest new sites for housing development. The whole plan is being reviewed but providing more houses across England is seen as a priority.


The map of these sites has just been published and is now on the Borough's website. They advise if all the sites were agreed some 20,000 extra homes would be built on top of those already in the pipeline under the existing plan.

At this stage the map is just a set of proposals and a list is promised. Officers will now consult with other official bodies such as KCC, the Environment Agency (flood risk issues) about the sites and will come forward with those sites the officers think should be included. There will be public consultation and a new draft plan produced.

There are many sites being proposed, including a lot of green field ones, and we would suggest everyone looks at the map at this stage with a view to thinking what views should be put forward. Parish Councils, amenity societies, and similar groups that want to oppose particular sites need to get their case ready now. Or if you agree a site what caveats and conditions should be requested. The whole exercise is like a jigsaw of competing planning applications coming forward at once.

For an overview the principle sites coming forward are in the area of Bushy Wood/Eccles; Broadwater farm in East and West malling as an extension of Kings Hill: Aylesford newsprint site: a ring of smaller sites around West malling including Banky meadows; Green Belt sites at Tonbridge/Hildenborough;

East Malling Research Station including the area of bradbourne House; and smaller sites such as Webbs Field part of private Cobdown Sports Field.The Larkfield Library site also seems to be put forward by KCC.

This is by no means a comprehensive list so please check the map. To view the map, please click here or you can download the map, here.

You can see how where you live might be affected.

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