New Speedwatch gear

TWO new Speedwatch machines have arrived for use by the volunteer groups in the three villages represented by Cllr Trudy Dean. They will be used to measure the speed of traffic in local roads in East and West Malling and Larkfield and pass on details of offending vehicles to Kent Police for action. 

All information is now fed from every Speedwatch group in the country to the police so that people caught speeding in multiple locations will have all their offences added up, which was not the case in the past. 

Information from Speedwatch groups is also passed to Kent County Council to show the need for more police enforcement or traffic calming to be installed.

People concerned with traffic speeds in their local roads can join their local volunteer groups and receive a brief training. 

Volunteers in Larkfield should contact Ron Moore via the parish council offices on [email protected] East Malling volunteers should contact Michelle Tatton at [email protected] and in West Malling, Richard Selkirk at [email protected]



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