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Turn on the TV any day in the last 6 months, and you will have witnessed the scenes of mayhem in Westminster.

The Conservative Government want a chaotic and damaging no deal Brexit. As a result, Boris Johnson has lost his majority in Parliament and the confidence of the country.

In these turbulent times, an election could be called at any time.

If we have an election soon, it will effect generations to come. It will also be very close. In Tonbridge and Malling, every vote will count.

That is why I am asking you to sign up for a postal vote today. I do not want you to miss your chance to have your say.

After every election I speak to people who planned to vote but could not in the end because something came up on the day. They got ill or they were away unexpectedly. If a election is held soon, the weather will not be as good as a normal polling day in May and will be more of a deterrent to voting.

Please click here to download Tonbridge and Malling's "Request a Postal Vote form". This has to be printed and filled out, but can be returned by post or by scanning and emailing a copy of the completed form.

Anyone can have a postal vote and it is so much more convenient than having to go to the polling station. Your ballot paper is sent to you well in advance and you can vote early. You can have peace of mind that nothing will prevent you having your say.

If you need to register to vote do so here as soon as possible
And for more information about voting in Tonbridge and Malling, click here

Richard Morris,
Liberal Democrat PPC for Tonbridge and Malling.

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