Revoke or Extend Article 50

Over a million marched in London; Over 5 million signed the petition (so far...) 

This weekend we marched. We marched together with people from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern-Ireland. Brits in Europe. Europeans in Britain. Expats and Migrants. Young and old. As disparate a group as you could imagine, brought together as Europeans wanting to remain European. Will the march be remembered as the highpoint in an unsuccessful campaign, or the turning point in our European destiny?

Liberal Democrats on the People's Vote March - Image: Liberal Democrats

The momentum is with us, but we’re not there yet.

The Brexiters are still getting plenty of airtime, but they've almost given up their arguments for Brexit, instead apportioning blame for their mess. The country is sick of this, but the only way to quickly bring it to an end is by Revoking Article 50, or extended pending a further referendum.

Whether you were able to join us at the march or not, please find the time to encourage a new supporter (friend/relative/neighbour) to do these three vital things:

  1. Sign the A50 Petition (link).
  2. Write to their MP (details)
  3. Get involved with their local group

The Revoke Article 50 petition has been signed over 5 million times in the past week. At the time of writing (Monday 25/3) over 10,000 people have signed from Tonbridge and Malling - 10% of the population and over 13% of registered voters (link)! The petition can be signed by any UK Citizen or UK Resident.

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