Speedwatch volunteers needed!

Speeding is a problem in many communities and sadly East Malling is no exception. During one of our recent Surgeries at the East Malling Centre we were asked to look at what might be done to curb speeding on Clare Lane. A few years ago, County Councillor Trudy Dean funded changes to the speed limit but problems with speeding traffic persist.

We will be conducting a survey of local residents in the near future but meanwhile we are interested in conducting Speed Watch in Clare Lane and potentially at other village locations. The Parish Council has all the necessary equipment, having been involved in the Speed Watch scheme for some time. Before new sites can be added these must be formally approved by the Police. In addition, the scheme can only work well if there are sufficient volunteers. 

If you are interested in volunteering for Speed Watch across East Malling, or in Larkfield if you live there, please email Michelle Tatton at; [email protected]

Training will be provided, possibly on a Saturday morning and probably at Church Farm, New Hythe Lane.

You can find out more about Speed Watch here.

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