Tonbridge and Malling Draft Local Plan Update

The draft Local Plan as approved by the full Borough Council on 12th September 2018 was delivered to the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol on 23rd January 2019 together with all the representations they received during this last public consultation phase.  This will have included additional ones made by landowners and developers seeking new housing sites as at Kingshill.

The Borough Council now wait for an Inspector to be appointed - they say within the next few weeks.  The Borough also says they will be publishing all the representations received on their website but this is not likely to happen until the end of March,2019.

The fact the plan has been submitted means in can be taken into account in deciding planning applications from now on but there will be arguments about the weight that can be given to it until it has been adopted. This will not be possible until it has been considered by an Inspector at a Public Examination probably later this year.

More information and Next Steps (external link) 

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