Trudy Dean steps down as Leader of Kent Liberal Democrats. Rob Bird elected as new Leader

At today's meeting of the Kent County Council Liberal Democrat group, Trudy Dean announced that she was stepping down from her position as Group Leader.

Trudy said "All leaders want to step down in favour of the safe hands of a talented successor.  I have worked very hard to lead and support the Lib Dem Group as a well informed and constructive group at KCC.

“I laid plans for my Deputy, Rob Bird to take my place two years ago and I am extremely pleased that today those plans have come to fruition.  I am absolutely confident that Rob has all the skills necessary to fulfil the role with great success. He is hard working and committed to the crucial role that Local Government plays in our county, especially for more vulnerable people. Having a background in finance, and serving as Chairman of Maidstone CAB, he has an excellent knowledge base from which to champion the needs of Kent people.  I was pleased to be asked to serve as his Deputy.”

Mrs Dean was re-elected in 2017 with an increased share of the vote in the Malling Central division comprising Larkfield, East Malling and West Malling.  She said "This is a job I enjoy, and there are many projects I still have to complete.”

Rob Bird commented “Trudy has served as Group Leader with great distinction for the past 20 years. She has massive experience and has commanded the respect of all members of the Council and of the people of Kent. I am extremely honoured to be her successor and delighted that she has agreed to be my Deputy.

“The recent elections have given Mr Carter’s Conservative group a very large majority which will be a challenge for all opposition members. But this does not diminish the need for effective opposition and scrutiny. The Liberal Democrats are committed to challenging the Administration to ensure that KCC services are efficiently, effectively and fairly provided for all Kent residents.”

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