Protect YOUR vote

14 Dec 2022
Your Vote Matters

The Government is changing the rules to require that everyone shows some kind of photo identification ID at Polling Stations before they are allowed to vote. This will start next May with Borough Council elections.

But only some kinds of photo ID will do. An over 60s Oyster card will be accepted, but the over 18 version will not. A Driving Licence or a passport will do but what if you don’t have either of those? In that case you can do one of these two things now:

  1.  Apply for a postal vote. Anyone can have one. Your voting slip comes direct to you at home by post with a reply paid envelope. If you still want to vote in person, you can take the slip to the Polling Station on Election Day.
    You can find the application form at 
    In the TMBC area, it must be completed and returned to the Borough Council at Gibson Drive, Kings Hill, ME194LZ.
    If you have any trouble downloading the form, let us know and we’ll get a form to you.
  2.  Get an older persons Bus Pass. These are accepted for voting, and you never know… you might use it on a bus too. To apply go to Kent County Council’s website