Brecon & Radnorshire by-election

The wonderful win for the Lib Dems in the Brecon & Radnorshire by-election is the clearest signal that the country as a whole has no confidence in Boris Johnson’s leadership and rejects the dangerous course that he and the Tory Government are pursuing.  

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Thoughts on New Party Leaders

What a contrast! In Jo Swinson, the Lib Dems have chosen a new leader of integrity, freshness, openness and passionate engagement. The Tories have opted for one driven by unlimited personal ambition and a determination to thwart the will of Parliament.  

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EU Elections 2019

Following the success of local elections in Tonbridge and Malling and the doubling of the number of our Borough Council seats, the Liberal Democrats are looking forward to this month's European Elections

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Medway Ward Local Election Leaflet

Find out about what the Liberal Democrats can do for you in Medway Ward

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Hildenborough Local Election Leaflet

Find out about what the Liberal Democrats can do for you in Hildenborough

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Annual Parish Walk for East Malling

Sunday 7 April 2019

A circular walk from East Malling. 

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Revoke or Extend Article 50

Over a million marched in London; Over 5 million signed the petition (so far...) 

This weekend we marched. We marched together with people from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern-Ireland. Brits in Europe. Europeans in Britain. Expats and Migrants. Young and old. As disparate a group as you could imagine, brought together as Europeans wanting to remain European. Will the march be remembered as the highpoint in an unsuccessful campaign, or the turning point in our European destiny?

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Tonbridge and Malling PPC Europe Speech to LD Conference

Richard Morris - the Liberal Democrat's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Tonbridge and Malling - responded to the Liberal Democrats York Conference Motion F6 on the subject of Europe and Brexit. 

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Latest copies of West Malling and Leybourne Headline

Learn more about what the Liberal Democrat councillors have been doing in their respective wards! 

Download the latest copies of Leybourne and West Malling Headline for February 2019: 

Leybourne Headline

West Malling Headline

Imagine If

Imagine If...

At this time of National Crisis

A solution could be found

Which enabled the UK:

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